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Horse Pro Ltd


Horse Pro Ltd

Horse Pro Ltd is the only entertainment stable in Mauritius. It opened in 2017. Located in the east, it offers many unique services on the territory and travels everywhere on the island. Noémie Barragan,a passionate lady about animals, is the director of Horse Pro Ltd Mauritius.

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We strive to provide you the best of experiences through all the services that we provide. Be it your wedding day experience, your first pony ride as a kid or your first ride on a horse, we make sure that you have the most memorable start of a beautiful journey.


Horse Pro Ltd has the pleasure to offer you the following services.


Pony Initiation Rides

Horse Riding

Animation - Hostess - Marketing

Video Shoots



Horse and Animals shows


VIP Shows

Horse Riding Courses

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Horses and other animals

Meet our horses and other animals

Roméo du Graffard, Frison